Mages are Douchbags

I don’t know why mages are typically the douchiest players I’ve ever met. Ran a new dungeon with Essaac (druid, I’m not talking about him it was a pug mage) today who just turned 85 and is naturally doing shitty dps and needing on all the healing gear besides that. I don’t mind that but I personally would kick up a fit if I also needed something a damn druid was needing on when they aren’t in the spec they need it on. For the record even if no one else in the group needs what I want I’ll say “ok if I need for OS?” or something. But, that’s me. Since I was healing and didn’t need gear, it wasn’t an issue.

Anyway we got End Time and everyone was doing less than 15k dps so all the fights took twice as long as normal. That wasn’t a real big deal until we were on the last boss and I recommended hitting the hourglass every 20% because the dps is “pretty low”. The mage apparently took offense and started with the usual mage insults like “I could outheal you on my pally” and for his poor dps “I’m pvp fire spec” and something about how I don’t know how to pvp, so I mentioned my priest and he kept going on about how I was so “fail bad” and this and that. I would have let him die if he was taking any damage. I had to put out 20k hps because that fight went so long and people were undergeared or whatever. He mentioned his paladin so I told him every time I dispelled wings or bubble I’d “think of him” but he said that made no sense because he is of course, a moron (hint, you said you had a pally, stupid) Oh well.

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