Boss DPS

Ran a full clear with 2 heroics with A9N again, had a few screw ups on skittles because of some dps mess ups and I think once because the druid healer blew us all up. But, it’s so relaxing to not wipe 1000x on the boat, or spine, or DW. I picked up the normal version of Maw of the Dragonlord and Visage of the Destroyer. Spine was a little troublesome since many people were getting hit by the slam on the second platform, but really it was markedly easier than some of my shamans raids lately. Oh and Nilv had to basically solo heal Zon when I DC’d halfway through it.

Nilvana put out 27k hps on Madness and I did 25k. And per usual dps was sick at 47k at the top from Soinso to 40k from Eng. Swan was at 25k and the dual boxed rogue even managed to put out nearly 25k. I wish I could see this all the time.

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