Bella just can’t Priest

We did FL the other day on my priest, and tried some heroics. We got heroic Shannox down, tried Rhyo but the adds were completely out of control so did that on normal, tried Baleroc on heroic but there was much confusion on the shards, and the two times Bella got the link, he did not move at all so whoever else had it had to run to him. Besides managing mp terribly, he has poor raid awareness and spell selection is bad.

We tried heroic Staghelm and ended up getting that down, but at one point I died, I think from someone blowing up their seed in raid, and he cost us a kill by not keeping Cinor up. I targeted Cinor to see what heals were going out and focus’d Bella, and saw he took no heals at all for a good 15 seconds, then Bella started prayer of healing, which would be useless since the tank was center and everyone else was spread. If we want to be semi serious about raiding, we need to bump people that can’t appropriately react to fights. As it was on the kill we did get, both healers got themselves killed and I solo healed the last 15% of the kill.

Did heroic Morchock last night, the rest on normal. We only have 3 people above 30k dps on Ultraxion, so a heroic kill there is not likely to happen. Plus people can’t always click on fading light on normal, it’s much harder on heroic and you must click FAST. There’s maybe only 2 things I want for my shaman at this point, but nothing dropped I could use the whole run. Getting tired of this tier of raiding already.

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