Mages, always the mages.

Worked on hitting 85 tonight on my paladin and omfg why is it again, I run into another idiot mage. I don’t know what drew my attention to the dps charts but I noticed they were not casting fireball, scorch, or really anything that required a cast time at all. I set my focus to them and again, never saw them casting ANYTHING that wasn’t instant, other than occasionally a hard casted pyroblast.

I told them they were doing it wrong and they said some nonsense about how FFB was better than fireball but they only cast it 22 times the entire dungeon. Their top 3 damage skills were living bomb (ok fine), fireblast, and flame orb. They told me they knew what they were doing and I basically harassed them the rest of the run for being bad and before I left commented that “do your next party a favor and l2p”. I was so mad I was ready to leave that party mid way just because the mage was stupid. Mages drive me INSANE.

A few dungeons later I ran into them again and after the first pack of trash, said I wasn’t healing this bad mage again and left.

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