Heroic Zon’ozz

Did Heroic Morchok last night with A9N, and also got Heroic Zon’ozz down in like 2 attempts, and Heroic Ultraxion down in a few attempts. I got heroic Robes of the Dying Light and Nilvana let me have Heroic Seal of the Seven Signs. I replaced Foul Gift of the Demon lord with that.

We finished up to the boat but by then it was late and we stopped. This time we pugged a mage (Novagosa) who I mean, gosh. I just see light blue these days and I get pissed off. Guy was either not in vent or not listening, kept saying Swan was too quiet when I never have an issue hearing him (hint, try turning up your settings before complaining gosh), kept asking for repeats of what was said in vent, had to go afk a lot, etc. Granted he told us he was feeding his sick mother but, hi there, maybe just don’t raid, then? If we are considering completing a boss or a lot of trash with your ass afk, I get pissed.

The dps for Zon’ozz was anywhere from 55k (Soanso) down to 33k (the mage) and 24k (the tank). Ultraxion went from 38k (Soanso) to 31k (mage). I only note this, besides it being just sick as usual, because on normal Ultraxion Relentless only has 3 people pulling over 30k and we really need all dps to hit that to think about doing it on heroic.

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