Just keep going

Tried heroic Morchock tonight on my shaman, but we only had 3 healers so I attempted to one heal my side. I was able to do this just fine, throwing mana tide, then a conc pot, then mana pot during the black stuff.

Buuuuut Sonny was having internet issues and died in the sludge twice when he was DC’d, we wiped at least 4x then gave up. We brought in someones mage who was doing a whopping 13k on Yor’sahj. Dps was extremely low across the boards with most fights taking anywhere from 1-2 minutes longer than usual.

Anyway, we got 7/8 and by then it was 11 and I said I was tired and wanted to go. Usually we stop at 11, at least.. I thought so. But instead they replaced me to continue on killing Deathwing. This combined with killing him last week without me in a ninja raid (or the week before I forget), is really pissing me off.

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