Did Heroic Morchock, Yor’sahj, Zon’ozz, and Hagara last night. I got myself killed during Hagara since I didn’t full understand the ice phase, having never done it before, but it only took 2 attempts to get it down.

We had a mage by the name of Prismic more or less leading it, but he ninja logged during regular Spine to go form another raid.  Apparently that mage is also known as Search, who is known as being a bit of a douche.  It’s not someone I was familiar with.

[url=]Heroic Morchok[/url]

I fraps’d the first two bosses, but forgot to start it on the second attempt of Zon’ozz where we got it. HEAD DESK!

Won a cloth belt but lost the roll on the shoulders.

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