Blood elf Minions

I wanted a new staff transmog so I went out to Shadowmoon Valley to get a quest version rather than pay the 18k someone wanted for the Exodar Life Staff.

First, gosh I love this spell. Blood elves are my minions, yay! lol


and this is from the last part of the quest


I remember doing it on my mage


and all of that was just so I could have this staff:


I went and did FL tonight only because I wanted to get Exalted with the Avengers of Hyjal FINALLY.  I picked up the 391 rep ring, and got heroic Jaws of Defeat. I was still using regular jaws so I equipped that, I like macroing it with PI.

I also took Alys’s Razor for transmog (my shaman has that it’s awesome) and Mantle of Closed doors.

Everything went fairly well this time although I still think our druid, I really  don’t know what they are doing sometimes.  We had that one incident of them not dpsing or healing AT ALL during Majordomo once, and this time I noticed they avoided a fire cat leap by going into travel form.  I thought oh good, they avoided that, but… then he stayed in cat form.  The entire cat phase.  He just ran back and forth like waiting for another jump and I saw no heals going off. I don’t get that guy.

Before we got  Rag down and I suggested that we please, please have the tanks stand together like we use to do in A9N.  For some reason in Relentless they were standing so far apart you had to move to hit both with heals and it was just annoying.

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