Cunning Proc is Cool

Been pvping like mad lately now that I have Cunning of the Cruel.  Besides doing a decent amount of damage, the proc on it is just FING COOL!

Anyway, gosh you rogues, I’m sorry, I laughed, love you guys


Was on a crazy winning streak in bgs today.  The best one was a WSG where a disc priest had the flag and was within 1 yard of capping their flag.  I ringed them with Ring of Frost so they couldn’t get to it without getting frozen, then the rest of my team cc’d their ass and beat them to death.  No joke, just a few feet in front of capping.  We went on to win.  I professed undying love to that group.

Then during a BH group I found another mage which appears to be my doppelganger.


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