Shared loot pieces

Did DS on the shaman last night, and we one shot heroic Morchok and attempted heroic Yor’sahj but even given healing assignment, the other healers were building stacks on my healing group and blew it up twice. I watched Cinor’s stack go from 0 to 2 when I didn’t even cast a heal and only I was supposed to be healing him. He hit 4 from me out of necessity then someone kept on throwing heals after and boom. Sigh.

Everything else was done on normal. Ring of the Riven dropped and I guess it was assumed that it would go to Trench, but I outrolled and won it. I was asked if it was a “joke” roll and “I didn’t know healers would roll on that ring”. I was like, what? why not? It has haste and mastery, both of which are desirable to almost any caster and healer. I had been using the LFR version so, ok?

I swear people think that only spirit items go to healers.

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