Ninja Log

We did our 2nd team DS last night but it just went bad. We were down a tank so Peejay agreed to come on his druid, we got the first boss down but then wiped over and over on the second. The pug pally was doing 10k dps, no one was moving away from the ball, and after about 3 wipes Spartan gave lead to Lila to “check some things” and PJ and I both called it and said he was gonna ninja log, which he did, with his hunter friend.

The rest of the raid was a mess, taking forever to do loot, do each pull, etc. We didn’t even get Hagara. Apparently our priest decided to not reforge like I said to again, and is back to a messed up disc spec with 1 point in atonement and evangelism and none in archangel. We fixed that month or so ago so I don’t know why it’s messed up again.

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