Lots of same old same old again really.

I was watching the duels outside of SW for a while, where this DK from Hero was killing EVERYONE.  A mage by the name of Satelite dueled me, as a fire mage.  The first time I won by default since he ran too far from the battle and stayed out while I turned away and I got a “fled” win.  The second time I started off defensive and burned him down to nothing, and just defended for a while until I got bored and started attacking and ended up killing him.  He then asked me to do 2’s which we did.


We won 2 but lost the one in the picture when he said his screen went blank.  He didn’t leave the starting area and two extremely bad rogues double smoked bombed him for some reason, then turned on me, where I survied for a good 2 mins until I was just wasting everyones time and exited the battle.  Maybe I can get cap with this person instead of using VP.

Ilikeanimals showed up again and it turns out he said he was quitting, so most of the people in his guild jumped ship.  I had asked Saedif a while back what happened, since that rogue had been spamming for 2 different guilds recently but once he found out who I was (was on my paladin) he didn’t answer.  But the answer was just, too stressful.  People begging for rbgs constantly, and the biggest beggers were the first to rage quit.  Makes sense, I don’t think I could handle a guild myself.

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