DragonSoul is sort of boring

Ran on my priest with A9N again and picked up the heroic Petrified Fungal Heart, normal version of Cord of the Slain Champion even though I already had a 397 belt, but I was the only clothie, and got Janglespur Jackboots to finally replace my heroic Coalwalker Sandals from Firelands.

We also got down heroic Skittles (Yor’sahj) and tried heroic Ultraxion but there was some fuss with the fading light and dps so we only tried twice.

And, ok. I liked Firelands and I liked the heroic fights I got to do or try (Shannox, Rhyolith, Staghelm, Alysrazor) but so far I don’t like any of the DS fights on normal or heroic. They are either “bleh” or just not fun to do. Morchock and Yor’sahj are just sort of bleh whatever, Ultraxion is just heal your ass off and hit a button sometimes, Spine is “do healing on people who don’t need it because of a stupid debuff”, and heroic Skittles is, don’t heal people too much, which is just dumb. I don’t like it. The only fight that is remotely engaging is Blackhorn, imo.

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