My pally is now level 73 and most of my runs have complaints here and there but todays Nexus was good enough to note.

Had a DK tank who had no idea where he was going or what he was doing, and another DK doing about 300 dps compared to the tanks 1400 dps. That was the start. Then the dwarf hunter, I’m pretty sure, initiated a vote kick after I pointed this out with “don’t wanna carry”, that guy got kicked.

Then we had a mess of a pull where I lost the tank while I was silenced, but we cleared it with myself and 2 dps up with the DK asking for a rez while we were busy with the fight. I was complimented on my healing, and rezzed up the tank and a dps who didn’t bother running back in. I said “drinking” since I was down to 13%, but the DK ran ahead and kept pulling so I had to abort that, pop Divine Plea and trigger Speed of Light to catch up. Then we had this little conversation

Farzen- Maelstrom (dwarf hunter): What is it about making a new DK that makes people forget how to play?

Me: Lol

DK: it doesn’t

Farzen: could’ve fooled me

DK drops party.

The group wasn’t that great but I stayed just because that hunter made me laugh and I told them so. We finished with a warrior who spun Keristrasza like a top but otherwise we finished it.

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