I’m not a fan of cool downs

Did DS10 last night on my shaman, and we brought that stupid shaman Branders back, again.  Lila said she gave him his missing Major glyph, and I asked him if it was still missing.  He said no and “thanks for asking” but as of the next morning it was still missing. He told me he was using chain heal less, which is good, but was still not using it when it would be appropriate in all the group up-fests some of the fights have.

We went on to discuss his gear choices when he was begging to swap his gloves token (which was still an upgrade for him) with the helm token because his helm was still 353. I asked why he didn’t have the 378 helm, or 397 VP helm, and he said he wanted new trinkets and a ring first.  His ring was a 378 with some hit, I told him just reforge that, and his trinkets (foul gift and jaws of defeat) which both perfectly fine and the VP trinkets sucked anyway for healers. I told him you typically upgrade your lowest piece, tier/set items first, preferably.  So you’d take a new helm, over a ring.

Also pointed out that his pants weren’t for his current spec and he said “I don’t look at the set bonuses I only look at stats”. Sigh.  During Hagara I told him to use Spiritwalkers Grace during lightning to cast more than just unleash and riptide and he didn’t even know what that was.  That prompted me to ask at what points he drops spirit link (I already knew the answer was “never”) and he said rarely, then that he never did.  Then I got this brilliant quote: “”plus I am not a fan of cooldowns”.  I’m serious.


During the boat fight and also Hagara I continued to focus him and notice that when I was at 30% mp he often stayed around 80 or 90 and a lot of times I didn’t see him casting anything.  So he was either just not casting anything (entirely probable) or was sticking to instants. Either way that’s just terrible.

Anyway, we didn’t get spine down because the dps was fing terrible and we quit around 11:30.  I’m talking like, most of the group at 13k dps. Tired of raiding like this.

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