Did a DS 10 with mostly Relentless again, and fuck my life they had another disc priest in there again. Apparently no one called out loot rules so the druid won a weapon, then won a ring, and I lost the tier pants to the other priest. So to date out of BH, every week of LFR, and 2 10m DS, I got a side grade belt. I also turned in 4 of those geodes and got a single green gem. Really blizzard, really? I kill a RAID BOSS and get a gem worth 5g?

I was never mad like this when I had a guild raid team, but perhaps because I knew that eventually I’d get something and it wasn’t constantly walking away with someone I’d never see again. Anyway I should shut up my other characters have won enough but gosh, my priest is my MAIN so it bugs me.

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