New Raid Priest

We got a new priest who will be healing in one of the missing healer spots, and he did very well. That was Quaisoir. Unfortunately I heard that he already told Silly that he’s getting a job that will prevent raiding. Now, this very well might be true, but the amount of times I’ve heard that when someone just got on a team seems a little suspect. I did not raid Tuesday but I did Wednesday and I could easily see how perhaps that was just an excuse. From what I heard Nilvana rebooted Tuesday night and was unable to get back on and the raid was called early. Last week there was probably the usual late coming shenanigans. Then when I raided on Wed, we had people dying repeatedly on what should be farm content, in fact, Dor died early on in the Iron Qon kill and had to remain dead basically the whole fight. He died on the council fight as well even through my shields and a pain supp. Not everyone wants to put up with this repeatedly. Fel died a few times as well.

Last night I did random bgs with Ladiesman on his alliance rogue, JazzyNYC. We got stomped the first two, won the next two if I remember right, and lost the last one. It’s all kinds of fun running with someone who can say “I’m going to get the EFC” and you see the EFC die shortly after. I ran the flag in the WSG for that three times, and would have gotten 3 caps but our team just couldn’t pressure the last EFC death. We basically ran that one ourselves.

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