Do we know this fight?

Was scheduled to do Rag last night with Relentless but we couldn’t even get to the last phase and didn’t make it past the first seed, come to think of it. People clearly did not know the fight, and I realize not everyone does it the same but I felt they were over complicating it. They had the DK tank on the left where the melee normally stand, and Cinor was sort of right of the center. People frequently got hit by the flame waves and traps were hit with what seemed to be no regard to what the tanks health was at the time. They marked a spot in near Rag to stack on after the seeds dropped, then wanted people to move to the back afterwards. This was overly complicated and I suggested just standing to the sides like my team use to do then stacking in the front. However this also did not work since people frequently stacked too early and dropped their seeds on… the stack point, wiping it. So was just a waste of time really.

Did 6/8 LFR today and finally won a shoulder token. I am breaking my 4pc set already and I will sorely miss my little Cauterizing Flame 4pc bonus. It was just cool. I have DS 10 tonight with Relentless so I’ll hold off buying any VP stuff on the off chance I win a drop.

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