Draenei to Human

I decided to make my priest who has been draenei this entire time, human, and paid for the race change.  I like the avatar set better on draenei than human but eh.  The racials will be better for my priest as a human though I’ll miss what I looked like.

At any rate, I like this instance a lot.


Our guild had a calendar item up to do DS25 last night but at the starting time only like 3 people were on and I just queued randomly.  Even though I had top healing, which I realize means absolutely nothing, I won no loot.  Yes one clearly has nothing to do with the other but when you see a spriest win your bracers or whatever and they are doing 10k dps it’s kind of slightly more annoying.


And I still want this guy to be an available human male model to choose from <3


We had a few wipes during this raid but nothing that was a big deal.  Won nothing this time either.  And yes I  made my priest look exactly like my mage, so I keep wanting to blink for some reason.

So, I won’t be switching servers, I decided.  I almost wish I still had my shaman here.

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