Didn’t I Kill You?

The final 5 man instance features an escort by Thrall, which I guess some Alliance players are ticked about.  The totems he throws down have the horde “logo” on it too, not sure what that’s about.


Why wouldn’t we have an escort by Varian?  I suppose I’m going soft over the whole Horde thing (insert joke about Ladiesman stealing my Alliance card here) but eh whatever.  In that party though I joked it was total bs and brought out the war bear I got for killing Thrall a year or so ago.

Later on I did my daily bg win and who should I run into but Ladiesman on his warlock, and yes I tried to beat his ASS.  He had a druid healer on him that the other alliance weren’t taking care of. Top 3 attacked, Joeshagwell, 58%, next person, 14. Ha ha.   We lost miserably, then went on to crush horde in a SoTA.


I plan on trying to gear both characters equally this time, and the LFR tool will help me do that without needing both chars on a regular team.

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