Tonight I decided to try the raid finder. I got a group pretty fast, but they were like 98% from Ragnaros which is all Spanish speakers, I believe.  Anyway I couldn’t understand any of it, we wiped, I left.  I came in at 3/8 anyway and I wanted a fresh raid.

Queued for another, only waited a few minutes, and got the first boss down no problem.



The raid leaders name, as you might note, is Saxomophone, which is awesome and I told him (I assume) so.  And yes it was a Simpsons reference.

Wiped once on the second then got it down, lost both rolls on loot I wanted.  But when like 20 people are rolling on tokens what can you do. All the fights were explained well and movements announced via raid warnings.


We got all the bosses down, I was top dps on pretty much all the fights.


But get this, this one DK? Won EVERY SINGLE TIER TOKEN.  He won shoulders, pants, and gloves.  THREE FUCKING TOKENS TO THE SAME PERSON.  Yes I know, random is random, but when does that ever happen? Gosh.

Talked a bit with the Saxomophone person, who is on the Sargeras server, complimented their raid leading and such. Turns out it’s that guilds, guild master.  Anyway got a nice “hit us up if you are on our server” at the end.

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