End Time

Queued up for the new 5 mans again, got The End Time one (I think) and had some dumb wipes on trash but otherwise it went ok.  Nothing even close to cloth related dropped.  Went on to queue for the second one which I thought was pretty epic. The first boss was easy but you get to go with Illidan, with your whole party turned into night elves, in a sort of hunters stealth cover.  He grumbled cranky-like if you don’t pull fast too. I didn’t get a shot of that.


and, thank goodness this wasn’t a vehicle battle. I was all tensed up waiting for it, but we did land.  In this particular group I was with Euph on his warrior (from VoW), and the paladin healer and at least 1 other was speaking Portuguese.   The paladin healer, did next to no healing on me, on the last fight he gave me like 80k in heals.  My hp is roughly 138k total.


Around this point in the instance, when you fight the guy that i believe was Queen Ashara’s escort, we three dps died and it was finished by Euphanized and the paladin only.  Recount was kind of hilarious, the paladin had about 40% healing on Euph, 36% on himself, and 7-9% on all the dps.  Thanks, guy.  The fight continues after that point straight onto another boss,  so the rest of us just ran in again.  I had to mostly heal myself, I think the paladin had it out for dps in general.


At some point near the end you are turned into what I believe were Illidan clones


I picked up a Cowl of Highborne Sorcerors to finally replace my 353 troll dungeon helm, which was the first piece of cloth stuff I’ve seen in like 4 runs.

So far I like these new dungeons, they aren’t really that hard but it’s enjoyable anyway and the one I posted above, is simply breathtaking to look at.

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