New BH Boss

Did the new BH boss today, pretty easy, stack and run around when she “bone storms” like Marrowgar, only with no fire. A fing priest won the wrist pvp item, then also won the roll on the pvp gloves. The raid leader, who was Pomography, asked them to pass their roll since they already won something. The priest (wvpearl) said no and he gave it to them anyway. I was the second highest roll. When I questioned him about it, he said he did not want to get reported for not doing by roll rules. I informed him that as RL you can do whatever you want with loot including ninjaing it and they do nothing. Apparently he did not know that.

A minor annoyance, since they were shadow priest gloves and the healing ones are better. That person only did 7800 hps though and I did 16k.

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