Dragon Soul LFR

The new raids are puggable now,


but made 3 attempts on Ultraxion before I decided it wasn’t worth it and I had to work soon.


Did a lfr for the first 4 bosses and won Mosswrought Shoulderguards, which is funny because I JUST replaced my shoulders from 359 to 378 a few days ago, and now to 384s.  I transmog’d it to this set though, I think it’s cute.


On the second boss 2 mage shoulders dropped (tier token) and the good fire mage got one, and an arcane mage that did zero dps on the boss got the other. When I mentioned it in raid they just said some nonsense about “not paying attention” in broken English and they were vote kicked.  But they still got tier for doing nothing.

A lot of people are furious over the loot mechanics on these fights since it’s what appears to be modified open roll.  You get a bonus amount added to your roll if the system considers your need roll appropriate, like my priest needing on a spirit piece. Only it is not taking into account several things which a normal raid leader would consider such as

1) someone winning who did no dps/healing or tanking. (I’ve seen all 3 cases already)
2) someone who already won something that same boss
3) someone who already won something on another boss
4) someone who did god awful dps/healing
5) someone who died to standing in stuff or other fail methods of dying and being dead most of the fight


But honestly I’m not even sure how they could account for all of these things. Was that death to fire because you didn’t move fast enough or because you should have been healed quickly and weren’t?  Did you die from lack of heals?  No dps would be a clear one but how about just really fail dps.  Are you hitting one button just to get past the “no dps” meter, are you just bad? Poorly geared? Learning the fights?

I think some corrections can be made like not letting one person win 2 things in the same fight, and not letting a DK roll on agi gear or a mage roll on spirit gear (with the bonus roll) but otherwise I think a lot of it we’ll just have to deal with.

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