Will of Unbinding

Later that day queued up for the second set of raids, and did well all things considering.


I thought the battles were pretty easy but seeing what they were designed for I think it’s not bad.  I don’t know, I mean harder would have been nice, but with 25 pugs I just don’t know how that would work out.  And this one was just cool.


got to the final Deathwing thing and I had to go but it looked pretty cool. At one of the earlier raids I won Will of Unbinding which gives 780 int pretty much, non stop.  It’s also going to find a place in my pvp gear!


And a side note, people that join a group to queue for something, and then go afk for like 10+ mins, that’s kind of shitty.  Just be like “I can’t right now”.  Don’t get in a group, go “afk sec” and then not come back for so long I could have queued for and ran half of a dungeon already.

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