Jaina’s Staff

Ran the 5 man dungeons over and over and over today but didn’t come away with any loot for oh, the first 5 runs I think. Earlier in the week I got side-grade gloves, robe, but I still badly need to replace 359 shoulders, and belt.  If I can get those I’ll just drop the 2pc set I have since it’s not that good and gets me killed anyway (with the mirrors) and gear it for fire, and go fire.  Arcane gets shut down pretty hard in some of these new instances and raids.

On one of my last runs for the day I picked up Jaina’s Staff, which makes me slightly sad in the pants because I had spent like 17k on Volcanospike what feels like not that long ago (2 months I think) but eh what can you do.  That other weapon served me well.  It’s a pretty staff too, in addition to the pretty robes I picked up, I’m happy with some of the looks on the new loot.


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