Ran a normal FL last night with a team Meanbaby was with.  They alread got Beth and Shannox so I came in on Rhyolith and I think it took 3 tries to get that.


I died a few times to things I never died to before, like the shards meltdown.

We got Baleroc no problem but we did nothing with heal assigments so I just stayed on the tank basically full time.  It was also the only time I had one of those shards hit me as well, standing in a spot I always stand in.

We tried Alysrazor, but she didn’t die at 11 minutes in soo yeah. That was a combination of the flying dps dying a lot, people dying to tornados, not picking up feathers, and for some reason the tank I was on was sprinting to beat the band the entire time.  I was literally casting on the run the ENTIRE TIME.  If I stopped for a second they went out of my range.  I’m not sure why we had markers and side assignments if the birds were going to be kited all over.

But, normals are kind of enjoyable, anyway.

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