ZA and ZG are hard

Since I was on dungeon CD on my mage, I queued for Z dungeons and the first one I logged into last boss of ZA, and died straight away since the healer left the party during a wipe. They said the healer sucked but I had to put out 16k hps on the eagle phase since everyone was standing right in the tornados.

Next one was last boss of ZG, wiped once when no one was getting the body slams but me. Died, asked if everyone knew the fight, yes. Turns on the shaman did not because the second attempt they were nowhere near the chains on the jumps, and apparently life grip doesn’t work to correct them, or I just wasn’t fast enough. Managed to barely get that down though. So two sets of VP runs in about 10 mins, yay. Got a ZA after that which went well also. I forgot how nice healer queues are. Then got in an AV win.

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