Funny thing, I had Murkbottom on my friends list for a long time because he said he wanted to try arena sometime, but we never did anything or talked much after that.  So yesterday I removed him from my list, then today I was asked to do 5’s.  We went 5/8 which wasn’t too bad, but the last fight had 3 arcane mages which was just dumb.

I queued for a “regular” heroic and got SFK which I hate, and apparently the pally healer hated mages because I did not get a heal, at ALL, until I died on the second gruop to trash.  I was at 20%, ice blocked the full duration, got no heals, got no heals after that, then got brought up to 40% so I guess I got slight heals and was just left that way until I died.  I left that group. Got dungeon deserter so switched to the priest.

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