Got in a Domo raid the other night, with, siiiigh, 2 other mages.   However when Raliden, on his alt, mentioned something about the other mages objecting I laughed and said knowing mages at least one will rage quit.  And one by the name of Torch or something like that, did rage quit after our 2nd wipe.  Cassio did me a favor and came in and we got it down, and I properly rolled crappy and didn’t win my shoulders.


Then I went on to try Rag with VoW (I know, I know) but we wiped like 5-6 times before it was called.  I had 2nd or 3rd highest dps and I feel I can dps any of the fights now.


Nothing of note really today other than helping a hunter, who was trying to solo thsose elite mini bosses in firelands, to get that achievement for killing them all.


which got me the achievement as well.  Since the hunter was pulling a whopping 5k dps, Cassio again came in and helped out, and even then it was pretty close a few times.

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