So. Holybo has not been online for about a week, and Con declined the raids for this weekend. When I asked Vorios about it I was told that, our raid team, is gone. Con is quitting, and Vorios is no longer raiding. So we lost 2 tanks, one being a raid leader, and probably a healer, just like that. We have no raid team, it’s gone. I’m a bit shocked from going from 3/7 heroic with no reason we couldn’t do 5/7 to, not having a team.

He sent me 20k gold and a living ember. So I managed to stop crying in my cups long enough to tell him he was a great raid leader. I was truly impressed at the flexibility he was able to demonstrate switching people around when something wasn’t working, changing raid tactics when people weren’t performing properly to get a kill anyway, managing gear disputes, etc, and above all really never resorting to getting loud or insulting.

I’m kind of /wrist-ing right now.

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