This raid weekend, we did not have Holybo for some reason so we brought in a holy paladin.  We got down heroic Shannox and Rhyolith, but I had to make special efforts to  help on healing Con during Shannox, and put out 18k heals on Rhyo. I joked to Sealan, who was teasing me about being carried by Sage, that I ruled that fight.


We also got down regular Beth, and then switched over to trying heroic Chimaeron.


A holy pally, disc priest, and resto druid probably wasn’t the best comp for it, but the healing went poorly.  One attempt the paladin had no healing at all, others no healing went out until a good 10 seconds into the fight.  So we just called it. I did get the heroic Coalwalker Sandals that night though, which need a new category of OiS (only in slot) seeing that they are the ONLY heroic CLOTH boots in Firelands, period.  So whether you are any flavor priest, mage, warlock, you’ll want this.  So dumb. There are crafted non heroic boots for holy/disc with spirit and crafted ones with hit for everyone else but having 1 option other than paying for a craft or whatever is pretty lame. I raid for a reason and it’s not so I can buy gear with gold.

Saturday both Holybo and Raliden were missing, so I brought in Nilvana, and we brought in Kenthra, again.  I was a little surprised at that after the Rag problem with him some weeks back.  Anyway we did Baleroc and I had an amazing 42k heals, Nilv had 17k, and Sage had 7k.  3 healing that was such a relief.

We also tried heroic Staghelm, and one attempt got him down to 5% but I died to a jump and it went downhill fast after that.  But, I wasn’t surprised we didn’t get it.  An undergeared healer, who has never been in Firelands, was probably not going to happen, but it was a good try.  Also tried heroic Alysrazor and I think with the normal group we can get that.  The hunter died, A LOT as well. We did Stag on normal, but at Rag Kenthra DC’d and it was called when it looked like he was not coming back.  So we miss Rag this week again.

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