Catching up on some old images. Brewfest is on this week and I drank myself into a near coma and got to see the pink elekk’s around the brewfest area.


Conquix took me to BWL which I’d never done before


only my internet kept dropping like crazy which caused issues, naturally.


I know it sounds like a dumb thing to say, since BWD is in the same place as BWL, but seeing the dragons hanging from chains on the ceiling, well BWD had the same thing.

Anyway I lost internet connection before seeing the Nefarion kill but I mind visioned Con and saw some of it.


Then I went with a rogue named Trivium to Tempest Keep, where Serilla/Rhaego/Irri joined us and got a kill after several attempts.  For some reason even though we had 5 people they were choosing to pull the last boss to close to the entrance which seemed to not help anything other than waste time.

But I did get my avatar robes, now I just need to work on gloves and possibly the helm if I choose to display it.

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