Playing bad

Friday we did heroic Shannox again, then tried Heroic Rhyolith but didn’t get that. Did Alysrazor on normal and Beth. Saturday we got down heroic Rhyolith, but the paladin healer Holybo lost power or something and we brought in another druid. We messed up at Domo so much Paw had to revise what we were doing and we got it, though the healer that Turtles was playing repeatedly died.

Then we tried Ragnaros but wiped a few times then the time was over for the night. I personally made a lot of mistakes during Rag, getting hit by the trap once, not hitting levitate fast enough, getting hit by waves a few times. I don’t know, I was tired and just not responding very well. And as things always go, the druid healer that died a lot got a heroic chest piece.


Tried pugging Rag last night with Paw and a few guildies, ran it about 7 times but wiped and then at 11 I had to go. No real mistakes that I can remember though I did get hit by a wave once when I was standing too close to the top of the fire pattern thing.

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