Ran 2’s with Karmarouge again, and won 4 lose 2 before he (I assume he) had to go. One loss we just quit because the fight would have gone on for max time, easy. It was a feral druid and a resto shaman. I could not MC the druid of course, nor the shaman since they were in spirit wolf form the majority of the time. I also could not burn the shaman since they ran around as a speedy wolf, breaking LoS constantly, and even if I had them locked in fear and burned, it wasn’t enough. So, we just gave up, that would have been a giant waste of time.

We had another win that took longer than it should have, against a feral druid, again, whose partner we killed, so he just cast HoTs and went into travel form and ran and ran. That pissed us both off. Added at least 5 extra minutes to the fight dealing with that stupid shit. But thus far I find them to be a rather agreeable partner, who seems to accept that there are some 2’s comps we won’t win against. I am ok with that, but not every one is.

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