White Kitten

I wish I could remember, if I knew Kilnor’s alliance alt, since they blew me a kiss during one TB battle.  Maybe it’s just another person like me /shrug

Anyway, got lucky the other day and ran into Lil Timmy with his white kitten and picked one up.  Nilvana has already given me some on my characters but I sent this one to my shaman.


Shockblocker has a mage on the horde side named Angelus who is quite good, and since he’s in guild I wave at him in TB and such.  We talked a bunch about pvp and ran a few bgs together too.  I’ve been called “man” and “dude” a few times.

The Firelands area has phased once again for me and now the area near the Flame Druids is littered with little flame treant corpses.  It’s kind of eerie.


My poor name, has been confusing people again.  In my raid I’m calling “Oh kai luh” and when I helped Relentless get Cho’gall so they could get their dark phoenix, I’m called “Oh suh luh”.  I understand it’s a weird spelling, but it’s not too hard.  A lot of people abbreviate it as “O C” and all you have to do is add a “lah”.  “Oh see lah”.  But as long as I know they are talking about me I don’t care much. I actually kind of like the Oh Kai luh now that I think about it.

Anyway, ran 2’s with Karma and I would have been 4-0 but he bailed on one fight and I had to take a loss. I believe it was an accident.   The first three wins were fairly quick, but when I asked for one more win, then we were sort of punished.  We got a battle at fing Ring of Valor against a holy paladin and a hunter.  It must have lasted, gosh, 40 minutes.  A few times we almost got the hunter down but then at a critical time the paladin would resist a MC or something and heal him up instantly.  The paladin was also able to do some speedy thing, run in a corner, and sit down and drink, undoing all the massive mana burning I was putting out.

The direction my fears were throwing the paladin weren’t very favorable either.  But, after forever Karma got the hunter down, the paladin retreated to a corner and I burned the shit out of him.  We won.  Now I just need RBG cap, and next week I believe I can get my new staff.

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