Leyara is kind of a jerk

Finished another 125 world tree marks and got a little quest line about Leyara, who is kind of a jerk.  I do so love these force field ball things though, that should totally be a player skill.


I mean why not right, mages ended up with Taldaram fire orb.  This was a little fight but pretty cool, with summoned tornados and everything.


I end up with Leyara’s amulet which turns me into her, for 5 mins, with a 1 hour cd.  And being transported to TB, cancels it btw.


Had at least one winning TB today, but had one where we didn’t get Slags the ENTIRE TIME because horde had almost their whole raid there. After that I switched to my horde, and Zukk must have remembered me and waved, and we talked about pvp a bit.  He said he’s making a tank set for running the flag in WSG/TP, and that might be good to know since I’ve seen him in a RBG once so far.

Also today, a rogue named Shmnfriend asked if I would do 3’s with him.  I checked his armory and saw with a bit of horror that he was on a 3’s team with Soulprince as the captain. Yeah, not doing that. I asked them about it but they said no they were teamed with a warrior.  Definitely NOT doing arena with Soulprince anyway.

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