125 World Tree marks

Did my dailies, again.  Just one more set of 125 marks, finally.


Raided last night, tried Shannox on heroic a few times, otherwise did normal, and I got Wristwraps of Arrogant Doom.  One less thing to buy with VP, yay.  I think I’ll wait until after BH next week before I buy the tier pants or not though.

I single-handedly failed an achievement for us prior to Staghelm, when, not realizing I had to stay back, I instinctively ran out with 6 people in the raid when I should not have.  Healers reflexes I guess. Ugh ><

Tried Ragnoros a few times but failed on um, 2nd or 3rd stage I forget.  After that I ran some Bgs with Jan, a rogue whose name escaped me and.. a druid, I think.  I like EoTS because of all the people I can hurl to their death from mid.  On the advice of Shockblocker I kept my tsunami card on for the spirit.  We won that one, but regulars bgs I just try to have fun.  Won Gilneas also.

I stayed up, way way too late doing a rated which we lost.  A paladin we invited from VoW rage quit when it was looking like we were going to lose.  That’s just… bratty.  I told them after the loss that I had to go since it was like 2am and that I had fun, and as I exited someone said it wasn’t really but eh, can’t win all the time.

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