Being a big mouth in TB has its advantages I guess, been talking to Howlurr (rogue) more, and Tharus, a dwarf paladin who has it out for Ladiesman constantly.

Last night ran some bgs with Carlyshay and Meps, won 3 lost 2, was fun. Neither have much pvp gear since they just hit 85, though I got to tease Meps for fighting a paladin for like 5 mins, behind a wall on a ledge outside of the Twin Peaks base. Asked if he was making out with the pally or what. XD

So, servers down, and bored, reading I had been curious how it seemed like other priests were able to get off mana burn much faster than me. Then it occurred to me with herbalism I get that lifebloom haste boost and I’ll macro it with mana burn. I had it on divine hymn I think but I haven’t been asked to go disc in pve in ages.

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