Did all my firelands dailies and finally finished the 300 plus 125×3 marks to get the flame hippogryph.  PHEW!

After that I was just messing around town and ran into this boomkin riding on his chopper, standing up.  Was pretty funny so I asked him to get another one in, and he did, so I took a shot.


A little later I ran arena with Jan, and the fights were quite hard this time.  I see why CC is so important when a mage or a warlock can just keep you chained screwed for ages even trying to use fear ward and trinkets, and trying your best to LoS. Anyway we won enough that I hit the 7800 total cp mark and over 3400 and got my staff.  It’s BAD ASSED!


That was prior to me putting power torrent on it, which Meanbaby in guild did for me free of charge. I did offer 200g though.

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