So continuing from yesterday, I had an Ahune group with my priest where we wiped once after still not getting him down on the 3rd phase, then a second attempt where on the 4th he was at 40% and regenning. Left that one, got another and got it.

then picked up again on the Thrall quest where a giant version of him is being beaten up by doubts again.


and this one showed up where he’s wishing he could make peace.  Well, if that happens, who will I get to kill? I mean, someone needs killing.


Then it was off to the earth version of this where I was nice and left the horde alone.  This one you got to travel underground again like another quest out here that I can’t quite recall.



Then we’re off to Firelands where Thrall is on fire and you have to defend Aggra’s totems.  I joined up with two mages and killed a bunch of horde, and nearly died to a warrior, but other alliance helped peel him off me.  I’ve been getting a beat down by warriors quite a bit in fact, ran into THREE in TB that teamed up and killed me, and one persistent, difficult one by the name of Isenguard gave me a real hard time.  Was impressed honestly.



and, we saved Thrall and he proposes to his woman. Aww?  Meh orcs.

Anyway, I know this guy is a blue dragon and all,  but why can’t the human males look this decent, instead of retarded cave men?


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