Can I have that?

Ran TB and we defended the first one without them getting any towers down. I did not die once, at slags the entire time.

Some side notes, I dual spec’d my shaman, which was only TEN GOLD now as elemental. I think they need to rename that to “that skill is not ready yet” spec. It’s ok on a single mob, but when you have to switch to another and flame shock and lava burst, and maybe even earth shock are BOTH on CD, it’s uh, kind of silly. I mean yeah I can lightning bolt! lightning bolt! but I will definitely need to set up power auras to show me when all my long CD skills are available.

Why do people ask, generally in guild chat, if someone has (insert semi valuable item here) by chance? Could be a cut gem, flasks, or anything else in the 100-200g variety. To me that means you want it for free, or at some kind of guild discount. I don’t like either. Stuff like that can be sold for money, to people with money, paying full price, on the AH. Why would I not do that? I’m curious. I give away valuable things to friends time to time but as I had talked about before it’s generally because they do things like tank dungeons for me, help me in arena, make me glyphs, whatever. There’s just a lot more things one could do even with a gem they don’t need other than giving it away. /shrug But I’m never broke for a reason.

Also, Leonz is quitting WoW to go to Rift, and Rinni is off to Afghanistan, sadface, there goes my 3’s team.

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