Hyjal Quests

Today Firelands hit, and yay, fun!  So first from yesterday I got a 359 ring from a Croc in TB


Yes, screenie and it happened.

Secondly I am glad I did all the Hyjal quests so I could see the new firelands stuff.  I’m still not sure I’m into being friends with Horde like Thrall. I mean ok yeah he’s cool, but if I’m gonna be giggly with anyone it’s gonna be Blood Elves mmmkay?


So some bad assed twilight people show up, and kick Thralls ass or something.  Almost feels like playing one of those guys would be fun.  But if Deathwing destroys the world, then what? Just hanging out on an empty white screen?

After that I was transported by this guy


across Uldum in a tornado, which I thought was rather epic looking


and was dropped at this place where you have to save Thrall, or something.


But I saw something more interesting which was horde, including Zukk and Ukko all flagged.  I tried to throw Ukko off a ledge and ended up helping kill him, , but got killed when he blew me off the edge way into Fatigues-ville.  Came back later and MC’d at least one person off the side and got so preoccupied messing with horde that I haven’t finished that spot yet.  Ladiesman reminded me that TB was on and they were missing me, so I went to that and helped win it.  A new BH raid is out but I didn’t have time to try it.

On the way past the bridge I ran into a horde hunter who I feared, then grabbed with a MC still on his bike, and threw him off the cliff near the bridge.  /flex!  Gosh I never have fraps running for epic junk like that.  I heard there was pvp back at the Hyjal spot so I went back and MC’d an annoying arcane mage off a tree, where they were AB spamming people. Stupid mages.  I died to him and a shaman though since no one else was helping.

Ended up in vent with the team 3 from my old guild took on to discuss some stuff, and they asked me if my mage would like to raid sometimes, I said sure.  I guess the old guild wants to start doing 25m? It’s like uh really? We couldn’t even put together 2 10m teams.  Well, ok.

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