Heal Assigments for real?

Raided last night and had to use Nilv for a tank since Shell wasn’t there (after he told me he would be), needed Angey to heal, and Annibelle to play his mage. We’re still down a dps and a heal spot. We tried to 2 heal it like I did last week with that paladin Kokoro but Dor would either instantly die to something or people would start dropping like flies, then Silly would ask if we need heal assignments. On 10m NORMAL? Geezes no we don’t need heal assignments. We need to get rid of Dor! This was proven back in MV when we tried heroic dogs and whatever tank he was healing DIED.

But I mean, we have people dying over and over to the same stuff all the time anyway. At least one person always dies to Horridon, someone dies on Council, etc. It’s frustrating.

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