Don’t be Dumb

I started a warlock on Sargeras because I’m thinking about transferring there, after having so much fun doing world pvp lately. I’ve been having some stupid conversations so far though. 3 horde were in Goldshire Inn and this druid kept yelling to not attack then. I said why not? She said they weren’t really horde it was some alliance main.

Anyway I said he must be dumb if he comes, on a pvp server, to a low level alliance town and expects to not get attacked. We went back and forth a bit and I got “QQ moar” which I laughed and said nice job running out of things to say. In no way was I “qqing”. Then another person said that horde was in pvp gear and no one else was. So? It’s world pvp, and everyone has base resil now, that’s no excuse. Then the druid said she would go on her 90 horde and camp me. I said by all means go ahead and try. I hate cry babies in pvp.

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