Killing Stuff and Taking Names

We raided on Tuesday night and Angey went a little bit AFK because she expected Shell to be 40 mins late like he’s been lately.  He wasn’t late but I found it a little amusing a few people were like “should we kick her?” after only waiting 5 mins, when we previously waited like 50 for other people before. We pugged 3 people again and cleared up to Durumu.  I use a token on Horridon and got nothing that night.

Wednesday we were missing Silly and Angey and thankfully called it early.  So all that being said, I’ve been being World Defense Cop Ocyla lately and here’s a bunch of screenshots about that /flex

A DK in Grizzly Hills


Honor Hold Outlands PVP


Halaa PVP



Darkshire PVP against 2 warlocks


Westfall PVP



and this last one was fun because the monk landed on top of the tower on the shacks in Moonbrook, I landed and feared him, and this is where he ended up.  He literally vanished from my view soon as I feared.


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