Pulling the Guards

Alliance had TB twice this morning but I did not get in on the second winning battle at all. Got in some losing ones though. I spent some time toying with a blood elf arcane mage between the two camps, trying to figure out how she was pulling the guards on us from a long distance off. While I was doing this I partnered up with Santiarium, a DK, and spent a lot of time dying to guards trying to kill this mage and a rogue.

What it looks like you can do though, as a mage, is mid-way between the camps, throw out a flame orb, then retreat back to your camp. If it attacks or starts attacking alliance (for example) even if they are a few yards off from their guards, the horde guards will travel all the way over and try to kill them. I died several times this way. I did kill the mage once by MCing her into her own guards though. That never gets old.

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