Halls of Origination

Last night ran BWD, and two healed Chimaeron just fine


Three healers on some fights is just overkill.  I will heal not like crazy when it’s not needed, just to make my numbers look good.  Why would I have 7k hps? Because we didn’t need more that’s why.

We tried Nef and got to third phase once, but most of the time we died around here


Also did a BH the next day, and ended up with 74 dispels vs the other healers 30, 21, 16, and 2.  Go me!  Glyph’d mass dispel ftw.  We did wipe once and people were ragging on healers dispelling, so I linked dispels where I had double anyone else and they said “the other healers”.  That’s right!

Got invited to an HoO group with Rexe training a new tank.  Put out between 9-12k hps, and had to pop every last mana CD I had to get through it.  But I got my vp, sold one pair of valor boots for 5k, spend 6k on Bracers of Dark Pool for my mage, then bought the mail healing boots for my shaman, who hit 60 today.  Tired, going to bed.

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