Alliance pwns sometimes?

I must have joined some premades tonight or something, because alliance OMFGPWNED horde in all the bgs I did today.  Healers kept me up entire battles, I was mowing them down like grass, amazing. 4 SotA wins in a row. And like I said, not just wins, but OMG pwned wins.  I even fraps’d one I was on such fire.

The fun run raid was cancelled, due to no healers being available.  I feel a little burned when I heal raids or ZA/ZG on my priest for people, but when I need my mag run through, there are none wanting to heal.

I got picked up by these guys though and we cleared all but Nef in BWD and got up to Ascendant Council in BoT, then it was called because it was after midnight.  Normally they go until 1 but 12:30 was all I could do.


And not a single caster piece dropped, save the dagger I already had off the dragons.

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