Loot Drama

Last night we ran BoT, and had a few key members not show up. Peejay helped me out by coming on his disc priest, and brought a mage from his guild. So rather than clearing almost all of BWD and BoT like I did on my mage on Friday, we spent 3 hours getting 3 bosses down and not getting Cho’gall. I’m not even sure why we tried. I got wrecked by the adds repeatedly which took me from 10 corruption up to 70 fast each time, and at 8 and a half minutes, we didn’t even have him down yet.

Had what I felt was a bit of a squabble over gear and raid times too. That staff of mending dropped and PJ won the roll but let it go to one of my guildies instead. Well it ended up dropping again, and he previously said he wasn’t listening in vent because he had guild drama to handle. Well I felt it should have gone to him since he wanted it earlier, but gave up his winning roll. Instead SJ did an open roll, which he won and when I objected, oh, it was annoying. I was told PJ needed to say he wanted it, which I said he did, I was told he needed to ask for it in vent, to which I already said he was dealing with things, etc. We spent like 20 minutes arguing about the damn staff and I was ticked off. I also don’t want to raid extra days when we have to cancel a night because of no-shows. I was there, ready to go, if we didn’t run I don’t want to add another day. Just saying.

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